Some examples of our Business Cases

  Client A: Western Europe Medical Device company, orthopedic surgery.
  Assigns M2M to organize a full technology transfer to China

          ♦ Find a Chinese partner to organize a full technology transfer

          ♦ MOU

          ♦ Negotiation

          ♦ 3 year process

  Client B: Western Europe functional food with clinical evidence. 
  Assigns M2M to enter Japan and Korea.

          ♦ Korea: find a manufacturing partner. Find a distributor

          ♦ Japan: market segmentation, find sales and marketing partners, allocate a delimited segment with exclusivity for each partner

          ♦ MOU, business case, negotiation


  Client C: China, API manufacturer

          ♦ Assign M2M for Business development in Europe

          ♦ Find pharma companies in Europe

          ♦ Register API in European Union

          ♦ Negotiate the term sheet


  Client D: French Medical Device company, In Vitro Diagnostics

          ♦ Assigns M2M to deal with one or multiple distributors in ASEAN.

          ♦ Multi-country coverage

          ♦ Market access and registration in each country

          ♦ Distribution agreement

          ♦ 10 year distribution agreement