About Us

M2M is a new age consulting firm assisting European Healthcare companies to enter Asian markets. We also advise Asian companies willing to export to Europe or expand their business across Asia.

Drug, Medical Devices and technology, Biotechnology, Cosmetics (Skin Care) and Nutrition/Nutraceuticals are the fields where ROC’s team of experts feel at home and can bring all their experience and success to our clients.

While Europe is facing difficult times with a stagnant market for the next 3 years, the Asian Pharma market will contribute 50 % of the Global incremental growth by 2016. The Asian Drug market will reach 350 Billions USD in 2016, i.e. 30% of Global Market (IMS market prognosis 2012).

Yet too many companies hesitate to embark for a new adventure in Asia. The route to success for a Medium/small size European company is indeed a long journey. Too many intermediarys, however, strive to keep it more complicate and opaque than it is.

This is why we have decided to create M2M, after 30 years of professional experience in Europe and Asia spent with the top Global Healthcare Companies.

With its strategic location in the Heart of « the 2 Asias », North East Asia, South East Asia, M2M supports companies in a very wide range of expertises and has already made life of several European companies easier.