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Mark To Market Medical: M2M-Medical


                  ♦  Is working very closely and in full transparency

                  ♦  With dedicated network of trusted, experimented and highly
                      specialized partners in Healthcare

                  ♦  In Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong and South East
                     Asia: Asean… and Europe

                  ♦  Sharing the same commitment: minimize the “Time to Market”,
                     maximize the sales


        Managing Director: Thomas REMY

Thomas REMY is a seasoned Sales and Marketing executive of the Healthcare Industry: Drugs, Medical Device, Functional Food, Functional Cosmetics and In Vivo Diagnostics.


He has developed his 30 year experience across 2 continents: Europe (France), and more recently Asia in the most developed economies in the world and sophisticated Healthcare System as well as emerging markets: Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam… with full P&L responsibilities across various products groups.


He has implemented with repeated success reorganizations, change management, Sales Force Optimization (SFE), products launches, new growth initiatives as well as Business Development with concrete and significant results.


Thomas REMY has founded in Asia new partnerships through various business models: distribution, Joint Venture, licensing, R&D, and developed a set of pragmatic and flexible competencies on how to manage distributors and get the best out of it: KPIs, negotiations around Terms Sheet, Sales Force training etc.


Sales and Marketing, regulatory, M&A, partnering strategy are among his core competencies. He has founded a JV in Korea with one of the top 10 local pharma companies, launched new Anesthesia and Oncology products in 7 countries in Asia, and articulate an M&A program in Japan from targets identification to due diligence. He has also successfully enlist new nutrients in Korea with the support of The European Union Chamber of Commerce, the France Embassy and a local firm specialized in lobbying and market access.


He possesses a double background scientific and business. As a Doctor in pharmaceutical Sciences he feels comfortable in all kind of technical and scientific environment. His MBA from one of the most prestigious Business School in Europe allows him to immediately turn any technical or scientific advantage into sales potential and how to articulate a strategy into concrete, step-by-step actions plan.