M2M’s strength versus the existing offer:
Our clients always get value for money!

  1. What is not working today:

Many EU or Asian companies wants to export but cannot afford a branch/representative office, a Country manager with a structure, or even heavy consulting fees from multi-sector/services/countries consulting companies. More to that, there is a lack of transparency in the registration process, the commercial practices and the timeline. This generates more costs or often make the export project not affordable.

  1. Why are the existing solutions not delivering:

The importers are often local and not properly trained to collaborate with foreign companies. Besides, they are not structured (beyond what is claimed) as ”one-stop-shop” and cannot deliver a comprehensive offer allowing the full spectrum of services needed from exporters: understand and adapt to local regulatory, find the best business model and partner, optimize the route-to-market strategy etc.

  1. How do we fix this: we are experts in our field, international, transparent and our solutions highly customizable.

M2M has a long and bullet proof experience of all the facets of importing a healthcare product in a new country in Asian and Europe. It brings an international experience and vision which enable harmonious relation across countries between business partners. M2M is transparent in invoicing and registration, importation and marketing.